Bina And The Beanpole Series


Bina And The Beanpole SeriesBina And The Beanpole Series


Deleted: <h4>[su_box title=”A BOOK OF PURPOSE AND SOLUTION” box_color=”#889b69″]INTRODUCING BINA, FAMILY &amp; FRIENDS[/su_box]</h4>Added: <h4></h4>
Deleted: Hi, I’m Bina, the main character of the “Bina And The Beanpole,” Reading Series. 
Deleted: Check out my rhyme below: 
Deleted: My name is Bina and I’m not a joke 
Deleted: Below is the decree I sat down and wrote 
Deleted: I’m putting my negative behaviors away 
Deleted: To bring solution to a brighter day 
Deleted: Yeah I know I’m young but that is not a reason 
Deleted: To bring chaos in the hood 
Deleted: Cause that’s a form of treason 
Deleted: My ancestors struggled to give me the chance to win 
Deleted: And to throw it away is like committing a sin 
Deleted: Ancient African civilizations stand for the world to see 
Deleted: And I have that same kind of greatness inside of me 
Deleted: So if we want our communities to prosper and shine 
Deleted: You’ll have to do your part 
Deleted: And you know I’m doing mine! 
Deleted: I’m glad you wanted to know more about me. My real name is Abena Hakim but they call me Bina (Bee-nah).Here’s a few facts about me. 
Deleted: 1) I love to write more than anything in the world. One day when I was just seven years old I picked up a pencil and wrote a little story. My parents still have it I’ve been writing ever since. 
Deleted: 2) I’m short for my age. Most twelve year old girls have started to develop like women but not me. My grandmother said I’m just a late bloomer. 
Deleted: 3) I love to play softball. I can run really fast and I always make it to home base. 
Deleted: 4) I’m smart in school. I get straight A’s and maybe a B once in awhile. My family says I have ‘old folks sense.’ That means I think a lot like an adult but I’m still a child. 
Deleted: 5) I fight! Well, I used to and I try hard not to fight anymore because I learned that fighting doesn’t prove anything and it keeps people from sitting down and talking things over. But I can’t talk things over with my older sister because she is too bossy! But I don’t fight her. I try to ignore her. 
Deleted: 6) I’m stubborn and I like to think for myself. I’m also motivated to help people in my community. 
Deleted: 7) I stand up for what I believe in. 
Deleted: I am a trend setter and a leader. Other kids try to imitate me but everybody is cut from a different piece of cloth and that is why they should think about what their purpose is. Some kids don’t like to see me get ahead too. When I finished my newsletter, some kids tried to make one too. At first I thought they were inspired but they were just jealous. But my sister Saida said I have to just keep going because those people are not sincere. They just don’t want somebody that they know well to get ahead of them. She said if they didn’t know that I started the newsletter that they never would have even tried to do one of their own. My friend Zondra called them ‘haters.’ That means jealous-hearted people. They began to hate you when you produce. Some of them even try to tear it down and whatever you are serious about they will say it is stupid and try to discourage you. But they would have started a newsletter before I did if that was really their dream. But it wasn’t. But I worked hard to produce everything I accomplished. They don’t like to work hard. Most of them just like to talk about what they are going to do and brag about themselves and copy off of others who have done things. Then they pretend that they did those things themselves. Ash made up this word: purposetraitors. That’s what he called them. They have talent and skills in another area where they can have purpose but they leave their purpose and try to live somebody else’s dream. They are artificial. That means phony. Don’t be phony. Just focus on what your talents and skills are and you will be alright. 
Deleted: So now you know a little about me. Sometimes you will read stories in my book by my sister or brother, my friends or parents and even The Beanpole, I mean Aunt Zola. Everybody has a story to tell. 
Deleted: I’ll let you know whenever I have a new book.